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Membership in Communist Party of Finland (CPF) is a statement against discrimination, sexism, racism and the dominance of capital. Today, capitalism and austerity policies deprive people and nature. Tomorrow it’s different.

In our group of comrades, activists you are involved in changing the world with us, in defending everyone’s dignity, environment and the disadvantaged, in acting against capitalism. The fight for a better world is possible and it challenges us to work every day. Changes are growing on the streets, in protests, in municipalities and in associations. Where we work together.

The political elite does not own politics. Influencing is not limited to the parliament or listed companies. Personal is political. Radical change grows from beating hearts.

Another world is possible. It is based on co-operation, humanism and class-consciousness. The current structures are not enough, so we want to change them and create a new kind of living model of socialism.

Take a step towards a better world and join CPF now!⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠